The obstacle is the way. But why?

Is the obstacle the way? Why is struggle so important after all? I always agreed intuitively but recently thought about it a bit further.

The first premise lies in the recognition that Truth is the ultimate value. And to acknowledge any truth you need to become aware of it first. And this is where pain and struggle are invaluable. Because pain is not something you can neglect. You have to face it, accept its truth and with it, your limits.

Acceptance allows for mental closure and rest irrespective of the result, or further action. You now know.

And isn’t this acceptance, the prerequisite for equanimity?

Perhaps this is where the answer starts to become more clear.

For to find truths that lead to acceptance, you need to get uncomfortable, relieve yourself of the fear and prejudice that casually cloud the judgment and let go in uncertainty, in the struggle.

It’s in those moments that nuggets of truth are discovered as you see what you’re made of. To your liking or not, it is the truth.

And if you’re aiming at truth and equanimity this only comes from challenge. From obstacles.

And so, the obstacle is the way. The way to the truth, the way to equanimity.

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