Local SEO & marketplaces: A product management view

$3,000 per day. This is the day rate for an SEO audit from an expert. In other words, $3,000 to tell how your web app sucks, not even how to suck less. . Why? Because SEO matters. There is good news too. You don’t have to pay a dime as long as you have your…

In the end, all networks converge: Facebook marketplace is eating up the markets.

When I think of marketplaces in the future I see Facebook against the world.Facebook vs eBay vs Amazon vs Shopify vs Craigslist Vs everyone-that-comes-along-in-any-vertical. A few years ago this comparison would seem nonsensical. But in the ever-expanding internet universe, these businesses are not commerce, fashion or social. They’re all network businesses. This makes sense once…

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