Should you work for a startup or big tech? Calculating the payoff

Make millions, lifelong friends, and a professional wolfpack for the years to come. Also possible: leave with no money, work for a minimum wage hourly rate or less when overtime is accounted for, and burn out. In the world of extremes, this is a good description of the startup experience. So how should you be…

Search-as-a-service: A trillion dollar opportunity & why Google might miss out

Google search is one of the top engineering marvels of the 20th century. Its business one of the top industry defining businesses of the century. Google is the true dominant name really in the category it helped invent. The rest of the players are inevitably and undoubtedly playing catch-up.  And here comes the unfathomable: A…

Games, corporatism and misaligned incentives: the internal downfall of the newsroom

You are reading Part 1 of a 3-part series on the publishing industry. Part 1 is about the past. Specifically, the internal mechanics of publishing and the forces that defined the industry’s response to Google and Facebook.  Part 2 is about today. How has publishing adapted to the change, what is working and what is…


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